Mission Statement

Connecting neighbors to Jesus and serving Him together.

What is Union Baptist Church?

We believe that we serve God best as we demonstrate 3 key words:  

Celebrate, Connect, Care.


Through our public and personal worship, we celebrate God as we study and apply the teachings of Scripture, and we understand our role in relationship with Him. We also celebrate the life change only found through Jesus Christ. Lastly, we celebrate growing closer to Jesus as we serve Him together.

     For More Information: Mark Webb      



We connect with God and each other by learning together, engaging in warm fellowship, and by serving our church and community with others. We connect in worship with others, in small groups, and through serving God together.

  For More Information:  Kevin Janofski  kjanofski@unionbaptistchurch.org


We care for each other, our community and our world through practical ministries.  We draw closer to Christ as we follow His example through service.  We demonstrate caring through serving in various capacities inside and outside the church.

     For More Information:  Ida Probst  idaprobst@yahoo.com